Do you ever doubt yourself when you have to make difficult decisions?

Do you find yourself seeking advise from your friends, family, psychics or anyone you think may help you find the answers to your problems?

What if I told you that you already know the answers, that within you exist a place where you can access all the wisdom you seek!

We worry because we are uncertain about something and when this happens the mind becomes over active trying to find the answers by thinking. Resulting in excessive noise in our minds that prevent us from hearing the wisdom within.

So how do we access this inner wisdom?


Meditation is the vehicle or the tool that shows you the way!

"Meditation is HARD” , “ I CAN’T quiet my mind” , “I CAN’T sit that long”, “I’m too busy to meditate”

Does this sound familiar?

What if I told you that ANYONE can meditate!

In today’s busy, stressed-out modern world, it’s difficult to find the time to meditate, or believe we actually can meditate and experience the benefits of meditation.

I’m Kim and I am here to help you learn how you can make meditation work for you, and make it happen on a consistent basis. When you understand what meditation is and what it isn’t, then meditation becomes something everyone can do. Finding your Inner Guru is a 6 week program that teaches you the fundamental of developing a solid mindfulness meditation practice and developing a core foundation in self-awareness so that you will be able to access your inner guru. In this 2-part online course, I share with you simple tips and techniques that can help even the busiest minds gain clarity, focus and a feeling of peace. In addition to learning meditation, this course has weekly instructional videos designed to guide you into developing a deeper sense of self through awareness. This course is great for anyone just starting out in meditation and for those who want to deepen there awareness of self.  From the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy learning the fundamental of starting your own mindful meditation practice. Join me in a 6 week online meditation course.
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What's Included in this Course:

  • Audio Guided Meditation

    Each week you will have downloadable audio guided meditation.

  • Video Discussions

    Each week you will have a different video discussion on various holistic principles to help develop a deeper level of awareness of self.

  • Journal Writing Prompts

    Each week you are given journal writing prompts to help you deepen your learning and healing process.

  • Bonus Material

    Included in this course are written guides, extra guided meditation and instructional videos.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome message and how to get the most out of this course
    • Introduction to this course
  • 2
    Getting started...
    • Getting Started
    • Reminders before you begin...
    • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation guidelines
  • 3
    Week 1: Breath Awareness
    • Week 1 Instructions and Journal writing Exercises
    • Breath Awareness Video lesson
    • Breath Awareness Audio Guided Meditation
  • 4
    Week 2: Body Wisdom
    • Week 2 Instructions and Journal Writing Exercises
    • Body Wisdom Video Lesson
    • Body Wisdom Audio Guided Meditation
  • 5
    Week 3: Emotional Intelligence
    • Week 3 Instructions and Journal Writing Exercises
    • Emotional Intelligence Video Lesson
    • Emotional Intelligence Audio Guided Meditation
  • 6
    Week 4: Whispers of the Heart
    • Week 4 Instructions and Journal Writing Exercises
    • Whispers of the Heart Video Lesson
    • Audio Guided Meditation on Balance
  • 7
    Week 5: Stillness
    • Week 5 Instructions and Journal Writing Exercises
    • Stillness video lesson
    • Stillness Guided Audio Meditation
  • 8
    Week 6: Energy Awareness
    • Week 6 Instruction and Journal Writing Exercise
    • Energy Awareness video lesson
    • Chakra Guided Audio Meditation
  • 9
    Bonus Videos
    • Journal Writing
    • Mala, Mantras and Meditation
    • Body Part Breathing
    • Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
    • Still breathing (watching spaces between breath)
  • 10
    Bonus Audio Guided Meditation
    • Guided morning meditation
    • Guided Sleep Meditation
    • Guided Meditation on Acceptance
    • In this moment
  • 11
    • Affirmations- Create affirmations that actually work for you and your life
    • Malas, Mantras and Mindful Meditation for Beginners
    • Creating your sacred space- A guide on how to create your own home meditation and yoga space
  • 12
    Heal From the Inside Out Master Class Replay
    • Master Your Mind: Moving from Fear to Freedom
    • Body Talk: Making the Connection between Mind and Body
    • Heart Wisdom: Making Mind|Body|Spirit Connections

Bonus material

Included in this course are 8 bonus video lessons, 4 bonus guided meditations and 3 written guides. (see images below)

What others have to say:

“Kim was the first person in my life who actually managed to make me SIT AND LISTEN. Not just to her calming voice but most importantly to my OWN INNER VOICE, which is so subtle and quiet that many of us are not even aware of it.  Meditation has become the most powerful tool for me to get to known myself better and to touch my heart. Once you try it, you will not wanna go back Namaste.”

Šárka Glajchová Šárka Glajchová

“After participating in your 6-week meditation program, I wanted to share with your how much I enjoyed this meditation course.  I love the audio guided meditation and the pre-recorded videos. The explanations and examples in these videos have helped me understand myself and the benefits of my meditation practice with much more dept. You have such a soothing and clam voice and when I listen to it I couldn't do anything other than relax! Thank you very much!!!”

Lynn Gagnon-MichelLynn Gagnon-Michel

“My first session with Kim was profoundly enlightening. After talking to her, she  knew that I needed to open my heart and trust that I would get better. When she mentioned I should start meditation,  well let me tell you… being the practical and realistic person that I am I was very reluctant to do so.  This was so foreign to me. I listened to her advice but I still wasn't convinced that I would do it or commit to it. She sent me a six week online guided meditation course with pre-recorded audio meditations and  videos explaining weekly topic to focus on during meditation.   It was so well explained that I wanted to try it.  Bottom line Kim gave me a new outlook on life. It totally changed my way of thinking. I'm am now more positive I still listen to the guided meditations everyday and follow her instructions.  Thank Kim, you truly are gifted!”

Raymonde PaquetRaymonde Paquet

This course is pack with value!

Here is all the content you will receive when you sign up:

  • 14 video (7 video lessons, 8 bonus videos lessons)

  • 10 audio guided meditations (6 audio lessons, 4 bonus meditations)

  • 3 reading guides

  • Weekly journal writing homework


Let's get you started on your journey of discovering your Inner Guru!